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Introducing… Debut Book of the Month!

Bird BoxAs we’ve said (lots), we’re really passionate about debut books. In fact, we’re so passionate that we even read lots that aren’t even being published by us, and it seemed a nice idea to let you get to know us by sharing about what we’re reading right now.

In support of that, may I introduce Debut Book of the Month! Each month one of us will pick a debut novel and explain why, and then a month later we’ll share a review. We’re going to choose all sorts of genres, and hopefully we’ll pick books that aren’t just the ones that are being really hyped, and maybe deserve a bit more of a chance to shine – we all love The Girl on the Train, but you won’t be reading about it here.

We’d love you to get involved too, in two different ways. If you’re intrigued by a book we’ve picked do go out and get hold of a copy (why not try your local independent bookshop, if you have one…), and then let us know what you think – you can comment here, or tell us on Twitter or Facebook viagra notice.

But, also, we’d love your suggestions of what we should pick – something you’ve just read and loved, or something that you’ve been desperate for an excuse to get your hands on. Try and make sure it’s something that’s only been published in the last few months, and obviously make sure that it’s a debut.

So what’s first, I hear you ask? Well, those of you who have looked at the picture at the top might have guessed that we’re starting with BIRD BOX by Josh Malerman. I first heard about this book from a publishing friend who read it when it was first offered to publishers, and she loved it. It’s a thriller/horror set in a dystopian future, where the only way to stay safe is to never let yourself see what’s outside…

You can read more about it (and buy it) here, or check back on May 7th to find out what I thought – and to see our next choice!

Until then, happy reading…


Posted 09 Apr 2015
By Shane Hegarty