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Today we’ve got a brand new cover to share with you! And to introduce The Hidden Legacy, author Graham Minett has written a short introduction to explain the process behind the creation of the story and the cover.

I started writing The Hidden Legacy as part of my MA in Creative Writing at the University of Chichester, from which it went on to win a national competition for the opening chapters of a novel by an unpublished author. It follows the attempts of Ellen Sutherland – recently divorced mother of two small children and successful businesswoman – to make sense of an apparently inexplicable bequest.

When she hears she is to inherit a cottage, her immediate reaction is one of disbelief. She has never heard of Eudora Nash and has, as far as she is aware, never even visited the Cotswolds, let alone the village of Oakham. But Eudora clearly had her own reasons for choosing Ellen, who is not the sort of person to accept her good fortune without digging for explanations. Driven on by her desperate need to fill in gaps in her own past, she chips away at the wall of silence that has been built around her by her over-protective mother, determined to get to the truth.

But she’s far from prepared for where the search will lead her, particularly when it becomes clear that there are links to an appalling crime in the 1960s which led to the demonisation by the media of an 11-year-old boy, who was labelled as “Every Parent’s Nightmare”. And the deeper she digs, the more she begins to wonder whether she is doing the right thing.

Because once you know something, you can’t unknow it, can you?

GJ Minett

I am so pleased with the design for the cover of the novel, credit for which goes to the talented team at Twenty7 Books. I was hoping for something that would offer a contrast between light (Ellen’s good fortune in inheriting the cottage out of the blue) and dark (the hidden, shadowy elements of the story from which Ellen has to peel the layers one by one) and feel this cover does everything I could have asked for. Thank you, Twenty7. Wonderful job.   – Graham Minett

Are you intrigued yet? You can pre-order the The Hidden Legacy ebook, which will be out on November 5th, on Amazon now!

The Hidden Legacy is also up on Netgalley, so if you’re a Netgalley reviewer, don’t forget to request it.

You can follow Graham Minett on Twitter @GrahamMinett511.

Posted 12 Aug 2015
By Shane Hegarty