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Still needing some inspiration for the last batch of Christmas shopping? Our wonderful Twenty7 debut authors share what they’d like for Christmas, and there’s a bonus pick from our publisher too!

Of course, if you want to treat yourself to a pre-Christmas treat, their wonderful debuts are all available now in ebook.


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Tanya Ravenswater – author of uplifting coming-of-age tale Jacques

I recently saw the film Suite Française (with Michelle Williams, Matthias Schoenhaerts, Kirsten Scott Thomas) and was both captivated and haunted by the story with its poignant central romance, set during German occupation of France in the 1940s. Irène Némirovsky’s novel which inspired the film is on my wish list. Should have read the book first, but better late than never!


Rebecca Thornton – author of the blackly gripping The Exclusives

My choice is Shtum by Jem Lester. I’ve seen so much about this book on social media and although it’s not out yet, I’m desperate to get my hands on a proof copy (anyone?!). It looks like it has real heart and depth and I can’t wait to read it. And I absolutely love the front cover as well.


Alexandra Curry – author of the sweeping historical epic The Courtesan

Only one book for Christmas? I would have to choose Harriet Sergeant’s book, Shanghai: Collision Point of Cultures 1918-1939.


For me, it is all about historical fiction. I am a fanatic when it comes to research. My novel, The Courtesan, is about a Chinese woman who was born in a time and place where she could make almost no choices for herself. She was orphaned, sold into a brothel, and became the concubine of a man who brought her from China to romantic and intoxicating Europe. The heroine of my next book is in many ways the courtesan’s polar opposite. She is an American woman who came of age in the 1920s. She had the freedom to make almost too many choices for herself. She travelled to romantic and intoxicating Shanghai where she became the concubine of a Chinese man in the 1930s.

…which leads me to Shanghai, where cultures collided.


Lee Robinson – author of the charming and bittersweet Lawyer for the Dog

My pick is Mary Oliver’s Dog Songs (Penguin), about which I’ve heard rave reviews from friends who love dogs and friends who love poetry.  I have a whole bookshelf devoted to this wise poet. ‘Because of the dog’s joyfulness, our own is increased,’ she writes, ‘It is no small gift.’

And speaking of books and gifts, I like to think that Sherman, the little schnauzer in my new novel, Lawyer for the Dog, may nose his way onto some Christmas lists!


GJ Minett – author of dark and shocking psychological drama, The Hidden Legacy

My choice would be the 2025 edition of The Irresistible Rise of Twenty7, comprising the opening chapters from 26 of the novels published by the company during its first two years in business. The author of the 27th, omitted on the grounds of quality and compassion (no one should have to read that playground scene more than once), will be consoling himself with thoughts of his impending retirement from teaching.

What I will almost certainly receive instead is a copy of Social Media For Dummies and The British Compendium of Patterned Socks. Such is life.


David Young – author of the compelling cold War thriller, Stasi Child

Top of my wish list is a 1981 novel I really ought to have read by now – given the genre of my own thriller, Stasi Child – but as far as I remember I haven’t. That said, 1981 is a long, long time ago so I may find (should Santa grant my request) that when I eventually turn the first pages of Gorky Park by Martin Cruz Smith it all seems horribly familiar.

It’s considered an iconic book, and an opening of a militia detective investigating corpses in a Moscow amusement park, mutilated to prevent identification, is similar to my own. So perhaps I will find I’ve read it before, and subconsciously stole the idea!


Joel Richardson, Publisher at Twenty7

Having to choose only one book for Christmas would be an absolute torment, but if I really had to pick, it would be Disclaimer by Renee Knight. It has such a wonderfully chilling concept, and I’ve heard brilliant things. If it doesn’t arrive on Christmas morning, I might just treat myself . . .

Posted 18 Dec 2015
By Shane Hegarty