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The Longest Winter

Kevin Sullivan

"What do you do when war tears your world apart?"

For fans of The Kite Runner, Girl at War and The Cellist of Sarajevo, The Longest Winter is Kevin Sullivan's inspiring and authentic debut novel about life in Sarajevo during the Bosnian War.

is a British doctor on a mission to rescue a sick child in urgent need of life-saving surgery.

Brad is an American journalist desperately trying to save his reputation following the disasters of his last posting.

Milena is a young woman from Eastern Bosnia who has fled from her home and her husband, seeking refuge from betrayal amid the devastation of besieged Sarajevo.

In the aftermath of the assassination of a government minister, three life stories are intertwined in a dramatic quest for redemption.

Publication Date Paperback:Published on 20/10/2016
Paperback ISBN: 9781785770333
Publication Date Ebook:Published on 14/01/2016
Ebook ISBN: 3976