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What We Didn't Say

Rory Dunlop

"A darkly witty debut about marriage, communication and the art of answering back"

Meet Jack and Laura. They're having some problems...

When their marriage breaks down over a series of miscommunications, Jack writes to Laura to try to rescue their relationship. The only trouble is, she doesn't quite agree on what exactly went wrong... They each have something important to tell one another - if only they can find a way to say it.

See what readers are already saying about What We Didn't Say, the brilliant witty debut for fans of David Nicholls and Nick Hornby

'A touching, even-handed and thoroughly engaging tale of love, jealousy and fatherhood' Jim Crace, multi-award-winning author of Harvest

'Funny, sad, intelligent, gripping -- does everything you hope a novel will do. Brilliant' Thomas Mogford, author of Shadow of the Rock

'An intricate, irresistible novel' Ferdinand Mount

'This is a moving portrayal of how mistrust, misunderstanding and misinformation can impact on a relationship. A book I highly recommend.' Bloomin' Brilliant Books

'Deeply moving, insightful, and captivating. This is a poignant novel that reminds us that life is short and precious, and that fundamentally we all need to love and be loved.' What's Better Than Books

'A brilliant, intelligent, poignant and thought provoking read. It will absolutely make you consider your own relationships and everything you didn't say!' Strupag

Publication Date Paperback:Published on 06/10/2016
Paperback ISBN: 9781785770425
Publication Date Ebook:Published on 30/06/2016
Ebook ISBN: 4726


About Rory

Rory Dunlop studied Classics at Oxford and worked as a teacher and journalist before being called to the Bar. He spent a year in Strasbourg, writing judgments for the European Court of Human Rights, failing to learn French and falling in love with Lika. They now have two daughters and live in London. He's written a text book on immigration law and several book reviews for the Spectator and, very occasionally, people read his tweets.